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AVG : corrections et améliorations

Par Yann

L’anti-virus gratuit AVG qui, point important à souligner, bénéficie de mises à jours en ligne de façon régulière, vient tout juste d’être mis à disposition en version 10.0.1321.


Au programme de ce nouvel opus, une multitudes de corrections et autres petites améliorations, comme en témoigne ce changelog :

  • Anti-Rootkit: Improvements in Anti-Rootkit scanning.
  • API: Added API method IAvgApiSchedule7::Execute.
  • API: Cache Server configuration support added to API.
  • AvgSys: Prevent crash on invalid security descriptor.
  • Core: Time needed to stop running AVG scan was reduced.
  • Core: Polymorphic malware detection methods have been improved.
  • Core: Implemented support for healing system files by AVG remover (reboot required).
  • Core: Possible crash in Driller detection fixed.
  • Core: Heuristic detection has been improved.
  • Core: Heuristic analysis improved on x64 systems.
  • Core: New cryptor family detection added.
  • Core: Fixed possible computer deadlock during core update (if ZoneAlarm is installed).
  • E-mail Scanner: Fixed issue with adding certifications.
  • E-mail Scanner: Fixed issue with corrupted digital signatures.
  • E-mail Scanner: Fixed issue with adding wrong charset to certifications.
  • E-mail Scanner: Fixed SSL handshake problem with servers.
  • E-mail Scanner: Fixed reporting options in e-mail.
  • E-mail Scanner: Fixed issue with certification check.
  • E-mail Scanner: Fixed issue with Outlook certification.
  • Kernel: Added progress bar for on-demand scans.
  • Resident Shield: Fixed issue with slowdown on excluded network paths (mostly an accountant software INI files).
  • Safe Search: Safe Search support in Google Chrome.
  • Safe Search: Fixed issue with Google Instant support.
  • Safe Search: No SafeSearch verdicts are displayed if SafeSearch component is not installed.
  • Safe Search: Implemented live phishing checks in Chrome.
  • Safe Search: Optimized Safe Search loading speed for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Safe Search: Fixed URL bar handler when Search Shield fails to properly initialize.
  • Setup: If some components require restart after AVG upgrade, the restart notification dialog is displayed.
  • Setup: Installation files from local backup are reused during installation change using online installer.
  • Setup: Fixed problem which caused a freeze before displaying the Toolbar dialog.
  • Setup: Fixed rare condition which causes downloads during installations to fail.
  • Setup: Changed auto restart behavior during silent installation when the previous version is to be uninstalled. If ‘DontRestart’ parameter is present, a notice is displayed and the restart postponed for 10 minutes.
  • Setup: Outlook 2010 detection fixed.
  • Setup: Existing AVI databases are reused when installing over currently installed AVG application.
  • Setup: The ‘Activate license’ dialog is not displayed for free products.
  • Setup: If AVG 2011 installation runs in silent mode, the potential AVG 9 un-installation process is hidden, too.
  • Setup: Fixed failure on setting access rights for AVG files.
  • Setup: When incorrect package is used (x64 on x86, or vice versa), the installation is always blocked.
  • Setup: Fixed error 0xe0010002 during driver installation.
  • Setup: Decreased number of restart requests during program update.
  • Setup: Fixed issue with missing installation files during add/remove installations.
  • Setup: Comodo products detection fixed.
  • Setup: Damaged AVI database file do not breaks AVG 10 installation.
  • Setup: Fixed issue with standalone IDP removal.
  • Toolbar: Toolbar now supports Internet Explorer v9 and Mozilla Firefox v4.
  • Update: Deleted shortcuts are not recreated during program update.
  • Update: It is not possible to run update and installation at same time.
  • Update: Fixed issue with update fail because of invalid/missing core package.
  • Update: Fixed update files validity check.
  • User Interface: Fixed issue with Scan result opening after scan has finished.
  • User Interface: Minor fixes and improvements in AVG main user interface graphics.
  • User Interface: Fixed rare cases when AVG prevents system restart.
  • User Interface: Added notification about inaccessible target page after clicking the link in HTML popup.
  • User Interface: Changed message box / checkbox size for Chinese characters.
  • User Interface: Default button in postpone restart dialog after update has been changed to “Postpone”.
  • User Interface: Warning text was added into Postpone restart dialog to inform user about other active sessions.
  • User Interface: Added AVG Toolbar component into main UI components’ overview.
  • User Interface: Fixed editing of disabled excluded Resident Shield items.
  • User Interface: Improved quality of non-client drawing.
  • User Interface: Main screen graphics flickering was reduced.
  • User Interface: Enhanced possibilities for postponing the reboot after update.

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